SEO Tips For Shopify Store Owners

SEO Tips For Shopify Store Owners

Over 500,000 Shopify stores have been online at some point, and more than 370,000 of them are still around. However, these stores represent only a tiny portion of e-commerce, and it takes a lot of work to make a Shopify store stand out from the rest. With the right SEO for Shopify Websites, a store owner can ensure the store’s visibility in the search engines. Below are several tips on shopify development.

Use Shopify Features

One of the greatest things about the Shopify platform is that it has a variety of features that help store owners follow search engines’ best practices. While these features are nothing fancy, they can help store owners take care of the basics and provide a solid foundation for future SEO efforts.

For instance, Shopify has editable meta descriptions, title tags, URLs, alt tags and robots.txt files. Even someone who has no SEO experience can learn enough to set a store up for success.

Start a Blog

Many times, a Shopify store owner doesn’t have the time to host a blog, particularly if they run more than one store. However, a blog can be a wonderful SEO tool. Great content keeps people on the website, even if they’re not buying, and it tells the search engines that the site has something to offer. Many times, other blog and site owners feel better about linking to a blog post than a commercial web page, and great content encourages visitors to get in on the conversation.

Use Product Images Wisely

There are a few things to think of when including product images in a Custom Shopify Website Design. First, the images must be optimized for faster loading times. Second, alt tags should be included with each image, as they let the search engine spiders know what the image is.

Consider Mobile Customers

Most online shopping is done on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because of the prevalence of mobile buying, Shopify Consulting experts suggest that sites should be very mobile-friendly. Google offers a testing tool that points out issues that may affect mobile users, and from there, the site owner can make the necessary changes.

A Final Word

The most vital thing for Shopify store owners to remember is that SEO isn’t a cure-all. For a store to be successful, it has to offer good products and great service. However, with SEO best practices, those products will be easier for customers to find.